Hair Styling

- We the Lemongrass salon offering a full range of hair dressing services for men and women from contemporary style and hair colouring to grey Blending

Our tiered pricing structure reflects the experience of each stylish gives you greater choice for your hair dressing needs.

Hair Colouring

Our specialist in colouring and styling loved by our clients.
Our clients love our expert’s confident freehand colour techniques ensuring every hair colour is bespoke and unique. From extensive looking soft natural highlights to bold and vibrant hues. Their particular brilliance lies in instinctively knowing the perfect shade for each client.

Hair Cutting

Our hair cutting experts are known for their flawless cuts and precision cutting whether classic or contemporary. Having share their craftsmanship and skills across many salon. Our experts love their work and their clients.
At the lemongrass “hair dressing is creative and social at the same time”.

Hair Spa

Smoothing/ Straightening/ Rebounding/ Keratin

Permanent straightening options include rebonding, relaxing or smoothing and vary between an absolute poker straight to a naturally straight look. Your hair type and preferences though, play a part in the ultimate effect that is achieved.
We also offer Keratin / Protein Treatment, an innovative process that transforms the hair in its entirety. The treatment is Protein based.
This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state. It is a revolutionary process that softens, shines, straightens and makes the hair healthy. It penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results are smooth, silky and straight hair.